Another victim after the fall of the bridge in Janov

The Romanian truck driver, who suffered serious injuries during the Tuesday bustle of a motor bridge in the Italian city of Janov, died Saturday night.

This was confirmed by a spokesman from one of the local hospitals. The number of victims of the tragedy rose to 43, AP and DPA reported. Hospital. Martina announced that a 36-year-old man had head and chest injuries. Doctors have described his condition as the most serious among the wounded when collapsing part of the Ponte Morandi Bridge According to the authorities, many other survivors are hospitalized

According to DPA, another 40 deaths are reported in the official balance of the victims because they have not yet officially identified the remains of three family members who apparently were in one of the destroyed cars. In January a state-torn ceremony dedicated to 19 victims of the morning accident took place on Saturday, attended by relatives, political and religious leaders, as well as by local football clubs

Four other bodies were on Saturday pulled out of the rubble of the collapsed bridge The state radio authority reported that according to the rescue workers all previously declared missing persons were probably found. Part of the reinforced concrete bridge over the valley of the Polcever River collapsed on Tuesday morning before the storm, with more than 30 passenger and truck & # 39; s of 45-meter high

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