Archbishop Vigano asks the Pope to resign for the silence in the McCarrick case

The former American ambassador of the Vatican, Carlo Maria Vigan, accuses the management of the Roman Curia in a statement of 11 pages that he was aware at the beginning of the 21st century of the inappropriate behavior of the former archbishop Washington. Theodore McCarrick and still called Cardinal.

Archbishop Vigan's letter was published on Sunday by Catholic Register and LifeSiteNews. The letter was published at a time when Pope František, who also refers to the case, visited Ireland, AP said.

British BBC reporters have also noted this timing, which in their view suggests that this is another coordinated attack by traditionalists within the Catholic Church against Franz Joseph.

Viganó (77) also belongs to the conservatives in the Catholic Church and his negative views on homosexuality are well known. The AP bureau notes that Viganó and the pope are opposing ideology in the area of ​​ideology – while Viganó is a strong proponent of so-called "traditional values, the Pope is seen as a" pastor of souls ". The Pope now asks for his resignation as a result of McCarrick's case.Viganos claims, according to CBS television, that in 2013 the Pope informed about suspicions of sexual abuse raised against the prominent priest in the US, but Frantisek has not taken any action against this.

The AP noted that the Vatican did not immediately comment or confirm the authenticity of Vigan's letter.

Vigano accuses the former state secretaries during the pontificate of John Paul II. and Benedict XVI for years ignoring detailed testimonies of McCarrick's behavior and lifestyle. Vigan also remembers that Benedict XVI. in 2009 or 2010 he was punished by McCarick, but Pope František rehabilitated him.

The pope has resigned

In July of this year, however, the pope accepted McCarrick's resignation and ordered him to "live in prayer and repentance." The emeritus of the Archbishop of Washington had also been banned from public speeches and had to stay in a house that the church had appointed him.

This step was taken by the pope after the American church research institutes came to the conclusion that the claim that McCarrick had abused the youngster was based on credible information. It is not yet known when a cemetery starts with a former cardinal.

McCarrick, eighth, was one of the highest representatives of the Catholic Church in the United States.

McCarricka was released on June 20 from priestly positions as a result of an investigation into a bullying boy in New York since more than 40 years. The victim was 11 years old and claimed that maltreatment took place in the next two decades. But McCarrick denied it.

Among the boys he reportedly abused is also a child who first baptized after his priesthood priesthood. McCarrick is also accused of sexual harassment of other boys and seminarians.

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