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Pope Frantisek.

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Former Vatican High Representative, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, accused Pope Franz of having suspected about five years of sexual abuse committed by the former American cardinal Theodor McCarrick. In a statement of 11 pages that was published during the Pope's visit to Ireland, Vigano also called for the resignation of the head of the Catholic Church, Reuters said.

The pope received the resignation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, one
from leading representatives of the Catholic Church in the United States until this year
in July. The former Washington archbishop has become the target of allegations of
sexual exploitation of children and young men.

"Pope Frantisek has repeatedly insisted on absolute transparency
church, "wrote Vigano, who was the pope in the years 2011 to 2016
the ambassador in Washington and the current pope criticized
in the past. "In this extraordinarily dramatic moment, the church must acknowledge
and in accordance with the proclaimed principle of zero tolerance
even if Pope Frantisek was the first to be the example of the cardinals and
bishops who dealt with the abuse of McCarrick, and with them
resigns, "he added.

As Archbishop Vigano said, Frantisek made the accusations against McCarrick
he spoke in June 2013 after his election as pope. Your gift
Vigano's statement has been published in various media in the United States and
in Italy. The Vatican has not yet responded.

The officials of the Vatican would have reported the accusations earlier.
Vigano reported, in their own words, in 2006 suspicions
of the abuse of seminarians that McCarrick was supposed to commit while he was
Bishop of New Jersey between 1981 and 2001.

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