At least 18 people suffered injuries in protests in Chemnitz, Germany

SPO delegate Sören Bartol says the neo-Nazis have defeated his "Marburg group on the way to the bus".

Saturday demonstrations in the German city of Chemnitz suffered injuries from at least 18 people. The DPA press agency on Sunday said it refers to the local police.

According to its members, three members of the security service are also victims. The police have also registered at least 37 criminal offenses. This involved damage to property, personal injury or violation of the law.

Approximately 11,000 people took part in various demonstrations in the city – 8,000 demonstrators from the Right-to-Populate Alternative for Germany (AFD), the Pegida xenophobic initiative and the right-wing and populist citizens' movement Pro Chemnitz. The remaining 3,000 people were anti-demonstrators.

Alleged attack

The police added that they are also investigating the alleged attack on a group of demonstrators led by Sören Bartol, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). Bartol on the social network Twitter wrote that the neo-nazis had defeated his "Marburg group on the way to the bus". He added that the attackers had destroyed the flag of the SPD and had physically attacked some of its members.

The demonstrators also damaged the large poster of Chemnitz, which promoted an award at the monument of the German philosopher Karl Marx. On the poster that the local activists painted on the monument, the inscription "Chemnitz is not gray or brown".

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