At the border with Pakistan, 14 members of the Iranian security forces have been abducted

Fourteen members of the Iranian security forces, including members of the elite revolutionary gangs, were kidnapped on the border with Pakistan on Tuesday. Iranian state press agency IRNA reported on this, referring to an unnamed representative, according to which hijackers were members of a terrorist group.

The Iranians were kidnapped in the border area of ​​Lúlakdan. It lies in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan, mainly the province of Sunni, which has long been plagued by separatist militants and gangs of drug smugglers.

Reuters recalls that armed separatist groups of Sunni Muslims have carried out more attacks on security forces in East Iran in recent months.

Iran says that militant groups have shelters in Pakistan. Tehran warned that they would attack their bases if Islamabad did not take action against them.

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