At the station in Amsterdam the man destroyed the attacking knife

Together with the suspects, three people suffered from injuries.

31. Aug. 2018 at 13:33 (updated 31 Aug. 2018 at 14:14) TASR

AMSTERDAM. Police officers at the main station in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, were killed on Friday by shooting a man who had to attack the knife against other people.

Along with the suspects three injuries suffered, reported the news agency of the DPA, stating police reports.

As a result of an incident where the remaining conditions are still unknown, part of the station is closed. According to an AP report, it is unclear whether the actions of the men had a terrorist background.

All three of the wounded were taken to the hospital. The police said that two platforms were closed, but the station was not evacuated.

The central station of Amsterdam is a busy hub, which also offers connections to Schiphol Airport. Friday is one of the busiest days of the week, because many tourists come to Amsterdam on the weekend, AP recalls.

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