Beblavý: Do not forget that freedom ended fifty years ago

"My mother was 20 years old and she was a student, and she saved herself from photographing on the ground before she was shot on Safari Square, and I do not want my children to study such situations for a few years," Beblavý added.

Freedom must be overcome, says KDH

KDH argues that freedom is not free and must be wrestled. "Fifty years ago the liberation of the Iron Tires from the Tanks of the Occupational Forces was lost, the freedom of critical thinking under the flood of the information ballast casts doubt on the memory of the murdered," said Christian Democrats.

According to the KDH, it is our great shame that the guilty of this tragedy are not punished. "The Christian Democrats will remind you of the anniversary of the occupation of 1968 with due respect and seriousness, and we will be reminded of all the other anniversaries of this sad event in our history,"concludes KDH.

The occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 was one of the crimes of communism

The extra-parliamentary OKS claims that the occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 was one of the crimes of communism. "OKS does not see the 50th anniversary of Soviet aggression as a reason to celebrate an unrealistic attempt to reform the communist system in the then communist party, but rather as an opportunity to recall the criminal character of communist totalitarianism to cherish his victims and the courageous people who stood up resistance " said the chairman of the party Ondrej Dostál.

According to him, the murder of Czechoslovak citizens by the Soviet occupiers in 1968 was a logical continuation of the murder of political opponents by Czechoslovak communists after the coup and the establishment of the communist regime in 1948.

"The normalization of the seventies was a continuation of the fiftieth anniversary of the crimes of crime, communism was and remained a criminal regime and in August 1968 the OKS constantly reminds us of the importance of a truly free and democratic society to be defended and Slovakia is in the West, which is the expression of our membership of NATO and the EU, " stressed that the August anniversary also reminds us of the need for our solidarity with the victims of aggression and oppression of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. Our support is therefore due to Georgia and Ukraine, which are being confronted with aggression today by Putin Russia.

Soviet tanks were hoping to bleed, recalls Progressive Slovakia

Progressive Slovakia reminds us that 50 years ago the Soviet tanks have caused us to lose hope. "Dozens of deaths and thousands of deaths – unfortunately this was just the beginning." We waited for a period of normalization and dictatorship, when we got democracy again in 1989. Let us not again take the liberty to resist the inconvenience. and democracy must be defended – as it is now, " they notice progressive progress.

According to the KSS, these events must be seen in the general context of internal political development and the international situation. "The accession of the Warsaw Pact troops to Czechoslovakia on 21 August 1968 is regarded by the KSS as a reassessment of the power solution of the situation, the second is the intense destruction of foreign divorces and the CIA on our territory with the aim of a coup d'état to provoke, as happened later in November 1989, " the head of the KSS Jozef Hrdlička.

Regrets, however, that the then leaders of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Communist Party of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (KSČ), who had enormous support for the citizens, could not prevent effective political intervention methods and its own economic and social vision of building a socialist society could not achieve.

According to the non-parliamentary party, the occupation of Czechoslovakia has delayed the development of the countryside and we see it best in neighboring Austria. "Where is Austria and where we are? Yes, nostalgia for many things is fun, but the development of the country has slowed down, more than 300,000 people have fled to the West, Czechoslovakia was occupied by Russian troops, which must be condemned" said the head of the party Viktor Béres.

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