Bloody attack on the suburbs of Paris: the worst concerns have been confirmed

Extremist organization The Islamic State (IS) has requested a mes attack, claiming two dead and one seriously wounded in the suburbs of Paris on Thursday.

The Amák office informed the IS about the attack in the city Trappes, which is part of the Paris conurbation, was executed by a "warrior of the Islamic state""According to French television BFM-TV, the man cried during the attack the Arabic expression Allah Akbar (God is the greatest).

Le Parisien reported daily that the perpetrator was the 35-year-old Kamel S. The victims of the attack are his own sister and mother. The injured person is not his or her family member. According to one of the studies, this could be a family conflict.

The attacker hid after the attack in one of the houses. When he came out again, he began to jeopardize the police who neutralized him & # 39 ;. According to the information from the local prefect, the attacker is dead. The motive of his deed was not immediately known. Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb appreciated the rapid intervention of the security forces and promised to clarify the circumstances of the whole tragedy.

According to BFM-TV the striker was born in 1982. Two years ago he was convicted for expressing sympathy with terrorism. Trappes has about 30,000 inhabitants and is one of the poor areas of Yvelines. Half of the local population has less than 25 years and the unemployment rate reaches almost 20 percent.

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