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John Bolton

US National Security Advisor John Bolton.

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The US President Donald Trump's government does not consider recognizing the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights. Israeli Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton, quoted by Reuters on Wednesday, told Israel.

Israel occupies the former Syrian Golan Heights since the six-day war
in 1967 and later, in 1981, this area was officially annexed.
The international community, including the United States, has not yet recognized this step. considerations
that the United States could do so quickly in the coming months
appeared on the Israeli side.

"I heard that this is being said, but in the American government
they have no discussion about it or have not made any decisions, "he said

According to him, Washington understands the position of Israel, who claims to be Golan
he added to his territory. The official attitude of the United States is
they do not change and the Golan height regards Syria occupied by Israel as being

Recognition of the annexation is one of the main topics of the interviews

In May this year, the Israeli secret service minister Jisrael Kac
said the recognition of the annexation of the Golan Heights by the United States is one
of the main topics of the talks between Washington and Jerusalem. United States
would – as he said – have been able to make the right decision
within a few months.

Hope in Israel that Washington can take such a step,
increased after the transfer in May from the US Embassy of Tel Aviv to
Jerusalem, decided by President Trump.

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