Brexit without agreement was never more likely, warns Tusk –

The debate on British reason still hampered the issue of the Irish border. According to British Prime Minister Theresa May, but the final agreement is still possible. He will bring his approach closer to the Prime Minister of the Member States at the Wednesday summit of the European Council.

EU heads of state meet again in Brussels on Wednesday at the European Council. The main topic of the first day is the state of play of negotiations on an agreement on the UK's presence in the EU.

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk writes in the traditional letter of invitation for government leaders that little progress has been made in the Brexette negotiations since the September summit in Austria. The EU must therefore be prepared in a responsible manner to prepare for the possibility that the negotiations between the negotiators on both sides of the Länder can be completely eroded.

In his own words, British Prime Minister Theresa Maya asked the British summit to review the negotiations on the departure of her country from the Union in the light of the British cabinet. EU negotiators Michel Barnier will also inform EU heads of state about the state of play of the talks.

On the basis of their assessment, the leaders decide on Wednesday whether a special summit dedicated to Brexitos will take place in November. The special European Council should only meet if, in recent days, a number of important issues have been broken, which has hampered the last meeting of the UK reunion. The intention was that it would be ready according to the original plans.

Reaching the Brexette agreement turned out to be a more complicated task than many predicted, said the former Polish Prime Minister in the service of the Union and indicated that brexit without agreement was never as likely as now. Nevertheless, according to Tusk it is necessary to believe in the solution, because both parties have an interest in continuing the discussions.

He recalled, however, that the EU, like the United Kingdom, should also adopt a very responsible approach to the UK scenario without agreement. The European Commission will therefore keep the Prime Ministers informed of progress in the preparation of measures to alleviate the effects of hard bruxism.

"The fact that we are preparing for such a scenario can not in any way discourage us from doing everything we can to achieve the best deal – everything seems impossible until it happens, so do not give up," Tusk said.

How to avoid the Irish border?

According to British Prime Minister Theresa Maye, the London-Brussels agreement is still "feasible" despite the impasse in the border between the Republic of Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland. The AP news agency reported.

"We can not allow this dispute to offer us the prospect of a good deal and leave us carefree, a result no one wants," Maya told Reuters by a British parliament. According to the Prime Minister, Britain and the EU are also not negotiated, but the "outlines of the agreement" are clear in most areas, but the controversy remains at the Irish border.

Both parties emphasize the so-called "the hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland." Vision of how Brussels allows Northern Ireland to remain in a customs union with the EU, but according to London, this almost creates a border that North Ireland separates from the rest of the United Kingdom, thereby disrupting the constitutional and territorial integrity of the country.

Against such a solution, Unionists (Democratic Unionist Party) also provide the majority to the conservative government in key votes of the lower house.

The back-end solution offered by the British cabinet, on the other hand, should cover the entire territory of the United Kingdom. This would be the temporary temporary partnership of Great Britain with the EU, which would be in force until December 2021, another year after the end of the transitional period. EU chief negotiator at brexette Michel Barnier has rejected this proposal several times.

On the Irish border of French politicians, he discussed with the British Minister for Brexit Dominic Raab during their unforeseen weekend meeting. Barnier will inform the European leaders on Wednesday of the outcome of these talks. However, as he has previously advised on the Twitter social network, the issue of the Irish border remains "open" after the weekend.

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