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The reason for requesting the transfer of a government specialization with the Vietnamese delegation over the territory of Poland was "transport from the SR Ministerial Ministry to a delegation on a work trip to Russia".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs (MZVaEZ) reports this in the answers to questions from the foreign committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The document was provided to the media by Martin Klus (SaS) vice-chairman.

The first flight request was delivered on the Polish side on 25 July 2017, the day before departure. The aviation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MV) of the Slovak Republic stated that the reason for the flight was "Transport of the Minister of Homeland Security". On the second day, the unit changed the request and indicated the reason for the flight "transport of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the SR with a delegation on a work trip to Russia". "The flight request does not have to contain a list of all the members of the delegation, only the most important VIP person is called", added the diplomacy department. Robert Kaliňák (Smer-SD), then minister, said he was not on board.

The ministry also confirmed that doubts about the accuracy of the information from the Vietnamese party led to "serious tensions" in Slovak-Vietnamese relations. He recalled that he had twice called the Vietnamese ambassador to Slovakia for an interview and that his statement was unsatisfactory. He also called on the appointed head of the Slovak Republic in Hanoi to consult and reduce the representation in Vietnam at chargé d & # 39;

"MZVaZ SR has repeatedly stated its willingness to take other measures in accordance with international law and diplomatic practices, if it does not receive a satisfactory explanation, or if it has been proven that the Vietnamese side has misused Slovakia, but we do not change this position. ", according to the ministry. According to Klus, it is possible that the Foreign Affairs Committee will discuss the information from its replies at its next meeting on Tuesday, 4 September.

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