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Crazy! It will reach 28 degrees

LJUBLJANA – Weathermakers predict an unstable weather today and at the end of the week. Until Saturday morning, mainly in the Primorska region and in the part of Notranjska, local strong winds and the rise of torrential rains are possible. The rain usually falls on Saturday morning and the snow in the mountains will be dug by the above-average warm temperatures.

Next week the unusually warm weather will continue in November. The maximum temperature will reach about 15 degrees Celsius. At the end of the week, it gets the warmest in Primorska, where weather forecasters predict up to 23 degrees Celsius. The period before November of milder time will continue until the end of next week, they say.

The weather forecast for severe weather has announced extreme temperatures for the coming weekend for this part of the year. Especially high temperatures have been announced in the area of ​​Southeastern Europe, where temperatures will rise to an incredible temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. This is a real anomaly, because the temperatures of the average in this season will be ten degrees Celsius higher. In the east of Croatia and Serbia, where it will be warmest, the temperature records can drop.

It is getting hot in the Balkans. PHOTO: Serious weather Europe

Croatian national television HRT is more careful in its predictions and predicts the highest temperatures up to 24 degrees Celsius.

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