Deadly mosquitoes have grown in Europe!

European mosquito destroys mosquitoes that transport West Nile fever. It can be fatally dangerous! The most infected were recorded in Italy.

Westland fever is a virus that transmits mosquitoes. The symptoms of this disease are headache, temperature, muscle weakness or skin rash, with an incubation of up to 2 weeks. In some cases, the disease can be fatal. Most people are older than 65.

In Europe, 376 people were infected with fever this summer. Seventeen people died. Only 5 to 45 cases have been registered in recent years. Besides Italy, where it is most infected, the disease spread to Greece, Croatia, Romania and France. Experts warn holidaymakers to avoid these countries or to protect themselves against mosquitoes by disposing long-sleeved clothing and only opening the windows on which the net is located.

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