Did they kill journalist Chasakji during a hearing?

Saudi Arabia is preparing a report that contains a statement that the Saudi journalist Jamal Chasakji was murdered during a hearing. With reference to two unchanged sources, CNN's news station reported it.

Chasakji is missing on 2 October on his visit to the Istanbul consulate in Istanbul. More and more accusations go to Saudi Arabia, it is said that the journalist is dead. Saudi Arabian Salman on Monday summoned US President Donald Trump to say so He knows nothing about the fate of Chasakji. Riyadh has denied the accusations of the journalist's death.

According to one source, CNN is preparing a report in which Riyadh admits that Chasakji died in an interview that has evolved badly. The text is still not definitive and can be changed. Another source told the station that the report admits it the operation was carried out without permission and those who were involved in the operation were responsible.

On the day of Chashakji's visit to the consulate, a group of about 15 Saudi Arabians came to the building and then left Turkey. Riyadh initially insisted that the journalist, who belonged to the critics of Saudi Arabia and lived in the US, came out of the building. But he has not provided any evidence. Trump threatened Saudi Arabia with punishment and sent Foreign Minister Mike Pompey to Riyadh. After the negotiations in Riyadh, the minister would have to move to Turkey. Saudi Arabia has agreed to the investigation and has released a Turkish policeman on Monday at the consulate in Istanbul.

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