Diplomats in Brussels have found no solution for migrants from the Diciotti ship

Diplomats from ten countries have not addressed the redistribution of refugees from the Diciotti ship.

Representatives from 10 EU Member States have not reached an agreement on a dispute settlement dispute with Italy on the distribution of refugees from a vessel of the Italian Coast Guard Diciotti, anchored in Catania, to other EU Member States at a meeting in Brussels.

They informed press agencies of the world about unpublished diplomatic sources.

Italy has threatened the EU with Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maia by repeatedly suspending payments to Brussels if he fails to secure the distribution of these refugees. The Union reacted violently on Friday, with non-constructive threats that did not contribute to finding a solution.

Protest hunger

Even at a diplomatic meeting where Italy was in favor of solving this problem, the representatives of other countries were more focused on looking for structural solutions for Mediterranean ships, so no agreement was reached. Representatives from, among others, France, Greece, Malta, Germany, Austria and Spain attended the meeting.

Representatives from Belgium, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal were initially also present at the meeting, but two of the latter countries were not represented at the meeting.

On the board of the Diciotti ship itself, immigrants entered the protest hunger strike, according to the Italian social democrat Senator Davide Faraone.

There is tension on the ship, which is further exacerbated by the unclear future of the people involved, as well as the fact that for safety reasons it is not possible to check the health status of these migrants. On Wednesday, 27 minors on a total of more than 170 migrants were able to leave the ship under the authority of the Italian authorities, but there are about 150 adults left to wait until the case is resolved.

Not from Belgium and Hungary

It was clear that no part of the migrants had been taken over from the ship by Belgium and Hungary and informed the media there, referring to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Belgian Ministry of the Interior.

The Austrian bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Michael Bünker, believes that the people of Diciotti must be taken over by the Republic of the Alps, who should send out the signal as the Presidency-in-Office of the Union.

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