Duslo CUP 2018: Race & # 39; s best tournament player!

The Duslo Cup 2018 International Women's Tournament had its continuation this year. The teams from Prešov, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria also participated.

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Shali was busy during the past weekend. It took place here
three-day handball cup DUSLO CUP 2018. From 17 to 19 August
Six female teams played in 2018. We tried our best
ideas. Besides the overall victory she won the prize for the best player
Šalica Nikola Rácková.

Group A: HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa, ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov, Korona
Handball Kielce

Group B: DHK Zora Olomouc, Hypo Niederöstereich, JKS SPR

On Friday August 17, 2018 he was in the Dalian Shaliok program
with Prešovčany, in which the home team won. The afternoon continued
other games in which Olomouc players played two matches, and so on
they have succeeded, just as Kielce Prešov has won. see
the results of the tournament as published by the club website.


14:00 HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa – ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov
35:24 (15: 11)

15:45 JKS SPR Jaroslaw – DHK Zora Olomouc 25:
32 (10: 14)

17:30 ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov – Handball Kielce 27 of Korona:
33 (10: 14)

19:15 Hypo Niederöstereich – DHK Zora Olomouc 20: 28
(11: 11)

On Saturday August 18, 2018, the players of the Polish Kielce and
Dusla, in which our girls again dominated. Vienna
the team defeated Jaroslaw.


Korona Handball Kielce – HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa 25: 28 (11
: 13)

Hypo Niederöstereich – JKS SPR Jaroslaw 27: 29 (13
: 14)

Group A: 1. HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa 2. Korona Handball
Kielce 3. ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov

Group B: 1. DHK Zora Olomouc 2. JKS SPR Jaroslaw 3. Hypo
Lower Austria

Saturday afternoon was already a duel according to the location in the table.
The teams Šale, Kielce and Niederöstereich have won.

HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa: JKS SPR Jaroslaw 37:29

Korona Handball Kielce: DHK Zora Olomouc 27:23

ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov: Hypo Niederöstereich
20:41 (07:19)


O 5th place: A3 – B3 (Opportunities)

ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov: Hypo Niederöstereich – does not play

O 3rd place: Reports A1 – B2: A2 – B1

JKS SPR Jaroslaw: DHK Zora Olomouc 14: 37 (5:16)


12:30 winner A1 – B2: A2 – B1

HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa: Korona Handball Kielce 22: 21 (12: 9)


1. HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa

2. Korona Handball Kielce

3. DHK Zora Olomouc

4. JKS SPR Jaroslaw

5. Hypo Niederöstereich

6. ŠŠK SLŠ Prešov

  • Best tournament player: Rackova
    Nikola (Sala)
  • Best goalkeeper tournament: Orowicy Aleksandra
  • Best Shooter tournament: Patrnčiaková Annamária

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Source: Today24.sk

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