East Slovakia has lost another billionth investment

Two large investors have placed the basket in eastern Slovakia for two months.

Less than a month after BMW's German car manufacturer decided not to build its new race in Slovakia, there is another sad report.

The Chinese rubber company Linglong Tire is ultimately investing one billion euros in its factory in Serbia. It was just Eastern Slovakia, that was one of the ways in which a company from the most prosperous country could build a new factory.

According to the portal hnonline.sk, the Chinese finally decided to go to Serbia. The reason for such a choice was the low cost of labor and cheap energy.

Linglong Tire is one of the 500 largest Chinese companies. In Europe, a suitable site with an area of ​​more than 100 hectares has been searched. The company is coming to the old continent because it will supply tires for one of the German car manufacturers.

Where the factory moves (subtitle video):

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