Ensuring adequate drinking and drinking water is a top priority

Prague, August 18, 2018 (TASR / HSP / Photo: TASR / AP – Sushanta Das)

Building new tanks in small rivers that are not popular in the Czech Republic should start in the near future. "The water well-being we have here is based on 165 tanks, otherwise it will get worse," said Pavel Punčochář, former general manager of the water sector of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, for the iDNES portal. He acts as an expert with years of experience, even though he is already retired

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According to expert, the ministry has prepared changes to the Water Act. There will be a chapter about drought. A commission will be set up to combat drought, regionally and nationally. This system has proven to build a flood protection system. Where appropriate, committees are also set up in municipalities and cities

The Commission will declare and revoke the state of water scarcity and, for example, issue regulations that reduce water consumption or allow it to be regained from other sources

Need for more careful water management causes climate change. Their negative impact is faster than they had been expected in the recent past. The increase in the average temperature by one to 1.5 centigrade was expected until about 2040. This is already a reality. Days with a tropical temperature of 33 to 36 degrees are added.

It is assumed that an annual increase of the temperature leads to an increase of the evaporation of water to 30%

The resistance of the landscape to drought depends on whether the proportion of water in the soil profile rises, or the these are now wet, smaller tanks and ponds. Unfortunately, it will not help to make the water supply economical or drinkable for consumption. "It will not happen without its accumulation in tanks," Punchman said.


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