EP President: strong words about Slovakia and others

The Vysehrad Quaternary (V4 – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) countries are the largest enemy of Italy for migration. For the news channel Sky TG24, Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, announced Friday.

The High Representative of the EP has substantiated his claim by claiming it V4 countries are not prepared to accept only one migrant. The MTI news agency reported.

Tajani also noticed that large Italian government officials regard the V4 countries as the best partners despite the fact that the Vyšehrad countries have not yet been able to change the applicable Dublin Regulation.

The President of the European Parliament also reacted to repeated threats from Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maia, who threatened Brussels with suspending payments to the EU Treasury, if the Union failed to ensure the distribution of asylum seekers on board Italian coast guard Diciotti in Catania to guarantee, land. According to Tajani, the Italian government would have caused enormous damage in the south of the country.

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