Extreme conditions in the migrant camp

The Greek authorities in Lesvos have threatened to close their refugee camp there if the government in Athens does not start to accelerate and the living conditions of its population will not improve. AP reported on Monday.

According to local authorities the Lesbos camp represents a "threat to public health and the environment". The living conditions of the camp population, which are mostly new migrants arriving from the territory of Turkey, have repeatedly criticized several humanitarian organizations.

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Representative of local self-government in Lesbos Christian Kalogeru said that if the government in Athens does not take urgent corrective action within 30 days, it will close the camp.

According to Kalogeru a total of 8,800 people are currently living in a camp for 3,100 people and wastewater flows through the main gate. Toilets smell, the dining room does not meet hygiene standards and waste is considered a container.

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