Families shared the war and met up to 65 years

In Diamant Mountains in the east of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), families split on the Korean shards in the 1950s and 53s on Mondays.

Eighteen-and-a-half South Koreans, usually over 70, met about 180 family members living in North Korea. This was the first of six rounds of meetings planned for the next three days. In total they have to spend 11 hours together, Reported Jonhap, with further meetings of divided families taking place from Friday to Sunday.

The families are separated Open the gallery

The event is the result of an agreement from the top of April of the top leaders of both countries. The meeting is the first of its kind since October 2015. Since the very first Inter-Croatian summit in 2000, 20 rounds of divided families have taken place.

These are very emotional events – for many older Koreans it is the last chance to see their separated, often close relatives. The oldest South Korean participant is 101 years old. Both Korea's are still technically in a state of war, because the conflict ended only with a cease-fire and not with a peaceful agreement.

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