Firefighters struggle with a fire in Greece in the west of the Peloponnese peninsula

No injuries or damage have occurred.

Greek firefighters wrestle with a forest fire, which erupted on the west of the Peloponnese peninsula on Monday and soon threatened one of the villages there. However, no damage to buildings or damage to buildings has occurred yet, reported AP Monday.

A fire that broke out near the village of Dafniotissa near Amaliada, according to a local fire department, is trying to extinguish more than 80 firefighters, three firefighters and three helicopters.

Greece is currently spamming the most tragic forest fire in the last decade that struck Mati east of Athens on July 23 and claimed 96 deaths.

Despite frequent arson costs, it can be negligent for most fires here, approaching the AP. She added that the police held a Greek suspect on Monday who had been unintentionally set on fire in one of the fields on Crete.

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