Forcibly taken over in Ireland, they ask the church for justification

The Pope met in Dublin and the children surrendered to forced adoption.

In a group of victims of abuse by ecclesiastical officials with whom Pope František met on Saturday in Dublin, children were forced to adopt because they were born to single mothers or lived in infamous families for mothers and children.

As stated in a statement quoted by the AP, the victims urged the Pope to declare publicly that their mothers did not do anything wrong and encouraged them to reconcile their abandoned children. The participants of the meeting added that the Pope had justified them on behalf of the church.

Paul Redmond, who was born in a similar house and was adopted at the age of 17, asked the pope to call on six Catholic women's angels to take responsibility for the trauma that the children and their mothers are doing were, justify the costs and pay with the process of reconciliation.

An association of homes for mothers and children estimates that about 100,000 mothers have given up their newborn children in Ireland. Approximately 6,000 newborn children died in these homes.

Frantisek is the first pope to visit Ireland after 40 years. His visit wants to show that the church understands the problems of ordinary Catholic families.

He attended the festival

In addition to official meetings with Irish officials, the Pope on Saturday met married couples of different ages at the Dublin prosecutor's office and answered their questions. During the day he visited homeless families in the Capuchin Charity Center, met eight victims of ill-treatment and commemorated the memory of a worker in Dublin who, after his reversal, managed to overcome alcohol addiction and is now a welfare candidate.

In the evenings he visited Dublin's Croke Park, where the family festival was held during the World Family Meeting.

The Pope said in his speech that there is no perfect family, emphasized the need for forgiveness, for without cold the Cold War threatens the family. There were several words spoken at the stadium several times for the people in the stadium: Sorry, please and thank you, what he described as the basis for love and mutual support in the family.

On Sunday, the Pope celebrates Mass at the Phoenix Park in Dublin, culminating in the World Meeting of Families.

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