From the German perspective, Europe and the United States are relaxed. Will the German solution be suitable for other EU countries?

Berlin, 27 August 2018 (HSP /sputnik/ Photo: TASR – Uwe Anspach)

Europe must respond to Washington's sanctions policy towards Russia, China and other key economic partners. The German Foreign Minister, Mr. Heiko Maas, has announced the opening of the conference of Ambassadors of Berlin.

On the photo of Heiko Maas

"Washington is forcing us to formulate a European response to the sanctions policy – Europe and Germany – if the United States suddenly introduced unacceptable and rather non-specific sanctions against Russia, China and Turkey, they could be introduced in the future against other major trading partners. And we have to respond to that ", said the minister.

He noted that thanks to Europe's rapid response to new US sanctions against Iran, it could prevent a more serious escalation. According to Maas, this is certainly not the least, given what could happen – the nuclear race in the Middle East with predictable devastating consequences.

Maas has announced that the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to change its foreign policy towards the US. He said in particular that the United States and Europe have been separated for years and that common interests and values ​​are gradually crumbling.

As a basis for new relations with Washington, Maas proposed to adopt the idea of ​​balanced cooperation and called for the establishment of a strong and independent Europe as the main goal of German foreign policy.

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