Greek sailors announced Monday for a strike

Greek sailors announced a 24-hour strike on Monday, which means that there will be no ferry services between the Greek islands that depend on shipping traffic.

The Greek Shipbuilding Association (PNO) further stated in the statement that the ferries will not operate in the Aegean or Ionian Sea, reported the DPA on Sunday. Interviews aimed at preventing strikes by local media have failed.

The PNO demands an increase in wages by five percent, but more than just one percent of the shipyard company rejects it. The PNO hopes to create maximum work pressure for employers during the high season – there is a large number of visitors to Greece and to the beginning of September.

It is also a period in which Greeks return from island holidays to places on the mainland, and ferries are full.

However, the port police do not expect many tourists to strand, as bizarre companies reported last week about a possible attack by Greek sailors and have not sold tickets on Monday.

It is expected that the most affected islands will be without the airport because they are completely closed off from the transport option.

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