Hawaii hit Hurricane Lane

The American state of Hawaii hit floods on Thursday and landslides caused by strong Hurricane Lane. The edge of the storm accompanied by fast rain and wind with a speed of up to 195 kilometers per hour has already hit the largest island of Hawaii (Big Island), reported AP.

Immediately no injuries are reported to Hurricane Lane. However, due to flooding and landslides, they had to enter at least 14 routes. Coastal areas have again hit strong waves, Reuters said.

In some parts of the island of Hawaii, which is still shocked by the effects of the eruption of the Kilaue volcano of three months, nearly 50 centimeters of rain fell within the next 24 hours. The members of the intervention teams had to save five people on the island who had been stranded in a flooded house, but they lost them without injury.

Hawaiian Airlines announced the cancellation of all regional flights on Friday.

Threat condition

The center of the storm keeps coming closer to the archipelago; on Thursday night it was about 300 kilometers off the east coast of Hawaii. A further hurricane movement is difficult to predict, but the direct intervention would probably not predict the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian governor David Ige announced a state of emergency on Tuesday. He urged fellow citizens to prepare supplies of water, food, medicine and other supplies 14 days before the arrival of the hurricane.

All state schools and most authorities are closed to the archipelago until at least Saturday. Shopping centers in the Honolulu metropolitan area are also closed, as well as Waikiki Beach, where policemen with speakers called swimmers and surfers come out of the water.

On Thursday, the Lane has shrunk to a hurricane of the third class, but can still cause major material damage.

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