Hawaii is preparing for a hurricane, the governor declared a state of threats

Hawaii will hit a hurricane with heavy rain and wind at a speed of almost 260 kilometers per hour.

Governor of the American state of Hawaii, David Ige, has declared a state of emergency before the arrival of a mighty hurricane, which is expected to hit the archipelago the following days.

Hurricane Fifth – Fifth – Lane, is accompanied by heavy rainfall and wind with a speed of almost 260 kilometers per hour. Hawaii goes from Wednesday to Friday. The Statement of Threat Statement is intended to improve the coordination of extraordinary measures.

"It will help us to mobilize our services and resources in advance to ensure the safety of our communities," said Ige Governor Ige, quoted by DPA.

At the same time, he urged residents and visitors to prepare for a massive blow to this hurricane, which was located approximately 800 kilometers southeast of Honolulu's Hawaii metropolis on Wednesday morning.

Threatens flooding

Honorary Mayor Kirk Caldwell previously called on his fellow citizens to get a hurricane package with the needs for 14 days. "The storm can cause long-lasting, intense rain, dangerous flooding, high water and devastating winds," warned Caldwell.

Local authorities have issued a warning against flooding running from Wednesday to Saturday for the entire Hawaiian territory. The largest island of Hawaii (Big Island), which is still being moved by the effects of the eruption of the Kilauea volcano of three months, has a hurricane during the quarter. From Wednesday to the occupation will be canceled education at all Hawaiian public schools.

In some areas of the state it can attack up to 51 centimeters of precipitation, which can lead to flooding and landslides. Some sites can become uninhabitable for a few weeks or months, so residents have to prepare for evacuations, wrote Reuters.

The American Red Cross prepares, if necessary, for the opening of evacuation centers. Hawaiians have already started collecting supplies of drinking water, pasta, toilet paper and other needs, according to the AP.

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