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In an attack on a bus with Coptic Christians in Egypt there are more deaths

In the province of Minya in the central part of Egypt, an armed man today intercepted a bus with Coptic Christians and fired at him. At least seven people were killed and 14 injured, according to the Coptic Church there. The responsibility for the attack was taken over by the Islamic state.

The armed attacker intercepted a bus with believers on his way to the monastery and began shooting at him, the words of the spokesman of the church there, Boulis Halima, the bishop, summarize the German news agency dpa.

A spokesperson for the security forces confirmed the attack in which they were "dead and wounded".

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said in response to the attack that Egypt will continue to fight and condemn extremists with the families of the victims. "I want a quick recovery for the wounded, and I confirm our commitment to the fight against dark terrorism and to find the perpetrators," Sisi wrote on Twitter.

Copts are a common target of attack

Kopty, a minority of Christians, representing ten percent of the entire population of Egypt, has in recent years often been the target of attacks by the extreme group Islamic State (IS).

In April last year, extremists killed more than 40 people in two bombings on Coptic churches, and a month later in the province of Minya they shot another 30 Kopts death on their way to a monastery.

In February of this year, the Egyptian army launched a major offensive against ISs on the Sinai Peninsula, where extremists have managed to maintain a strong presence since the fall of President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. According to her own claims, more than 450 extremists were killed in the Sinai operation in 2018.

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