In Germany, the balloon hit a high-voltage line: Essen collapsed again

According to them, passengers are fine. As can be seen from the information provided by the firefighters, a demanding emergency rescue operation is being prepared in the meantime, which will probably take some time.

Earlier, the electricity supply must be interrupted in this part of the network. The German railways reported that the accident had significantly impeded traffic between Essen and Bottrop.

The glider was not hijacked by the pilot

The pilot died on Sunday in a crash in the German city of Essen. A single-engine plane collapsed in the afternoon from Essen-Mülheim Airport during the landing maneuver and fell into an almost empty parking lot on the A52 motorway. I received no other health benefits. Information was provided by the DPA press agency with reference to police sources.

The victim of unhappiness became a young man who was just preparing for the pilot's trail. The rescuers pulled his body out of the wreck of the machine, but their attempts to revive the pilot were unsuccessful. The causes of the crash that occurred in sunny weather, accompanied only by a weak wind, will clarify the investigation.

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