In Las Vegas they sacrificed the victims of the massive firefight

A year ago, Las Vegas was the most male shooting in the modern history of the US.

A swamp of 58 dwarfs was launched on Monday morning east of Las Vegas, a place where the most massive shooting in modern American history took place a year ago, AP reported.

Hundreds of people, including survivors, families of victims, rescuers and politicians, met in a local open-air amphitheater, held in honor of 58 victims of life and hundreds of wounded during the burning shooting at the country music festival.

"Today we remember unforgettable," said the governor of the Nevada, Brian Sandoval. "Today it reminds us of a pain that will never disappear."

The motive is still unknown

The dead have celebrated their prayers, songs, performances and artistic projects with photographic installations.

Assistant Stephen Paddock launched a photo of visitors to the country music festival on August 22, 2008 from the window of his room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay on the busy Las Vegas Strip boulevard.

About 22,000 people were at the nearby concert. Paddock shot himself before the arrival of a special command.

The police, less than a year after this tragic incident, will know the exact motive of the attacker's action.

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