In the beaten alarm clock of Jan: Experts ordered the rapid demolition of the remains of the collapsed bridge

The relevant report was handed over to the Crisis Commissioner appointed by the Italian government. The recommendation relates to the eastern part of the bridge; underneath are several houses that were evacuated last week, the DPA reported.

On Monday, firefighters have closed access to the site under the eastern part of the bridge, so that evacuated residents can no longer go home for their personal affairs. From the rest of the bridge suspicious drizzle began to sound. Firefighters in this area have also interrupted cleaning work, which they continue in other places around the bridge.

A large part of the Morandi Bridge in Janov collapsed on 14 August during a closed lejak, with more than 30 cars and trucks dropping from a height of 45 meters. Tragedy required 43 lives. Possible causes of the inconvenience are insufficient maintenance of the bridge or an error in the construction. More than 600 people were evacuated from the house under the bridge.

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