In the case of an attack in Amsterdam, researchers do not exclude terrorism

The wounded were taken to the hospital.

1 Sep 2018 o 6:35 TASR

AMSTERDAM. The perpetrator, whose police was shot at a central station in Amsterdam after a two-man attack on Friday, is a 19-year-old Afghan citizen.

This was declared Friday by representatives of the Dutch metropolis, with the fact that the researchers do not exclude terrorism as a possible motive for this act.

According to AP, city officials said in a statement that the suspect, who is currently recovering under police control in the hospital, hears.

The wounded person who attacked the knife at the central station at noon on Friday, was also transferred to the hospital. The police have not disclosed details about their health.

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According to the opinion of the city, he had a presumed residence permit in Germany and the German police had already contacted the German authorities.

The central station of Amsterdam is a busy hub, which also offers connections to Schiphol Airport.

Friday is one of the busiest days of the week, because many tourists come to Amsterdam on weekends.

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