In the coming years 840 bridges may collapse

An audit commissioned by the French government has shown that approximately 840 bridges in the country are severely damaged and can collapse in the coming years.

On Sunday, the results of the Journal du Dimanche were published by the AP. According to published findings, it is necessary to carry out repairs on a third of a total of 12,000 bridges, which are in the public administration in France. About seven percent of these bridges are in a "risk of collapse". This could happen in the coming years, as long as current expenses remain at the current level.

Paris presented the summary results of this audit in July, but they received the most up-to-date information, when the motor bridge in the Italian town of Janova, where at least 43 people died , died on Tuesday. The government of the French President Emmanuel Macron has previously promised additional infrastructure expenses, that accuse the current situation of its predecessors pointing out that traffic congestion and increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions

Audit does not apply to thousands of other bridges in France, provided by private companies or local authorities, forced to reduce budgetary expenditure over the years

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