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In the Philippines, the number of typhoon Yutu victims is increasing

According to the latest information, the number of deaths of typhoon Yutu has risen to 34. More than 136,000 people have been affected by the Ujma and nearly 50,000 have sought refuge in shelter centers.

Various avalanches were caused in the storm in the north of the Philippines. The largest of them is located in Natonin, 282 kilometers north of Manila, and buried three government buildings including workers and residents before the storm stormed.

There are no signs of life among the ruins

The survivors have so far removed eight bodies from the ruins and two rescuers died during the intervention. The authorities today canceled the search for 17 missing persons. Mateo Chiyawan, mayor of the city, explained that there are no signs of life among the ruins, and it is still the operation with which they want to dig the bodies.

In addition, earthquakes, floods and other typhoon-related accidents claimed seven lives, according to the Philippine agency for the battle for natural disasters.

More than 100 people died in September

In September, the Philippines was hit by a powerful Typhoon Manghkut, who claimed more than a hundred victims. One of the strongest cyclones in recent history has destroyed the Philippines in 2013. Typhoon died at the time of 6,300 people, more than four million of them had to leave their homes.



In her municipality the average wage is about four thousand euros gross, unemployment is minimal




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