In Turkey they shot at the American embassy

An unknown perpetrator shot from a white car at the American embassy in Ankara. The bullets hit the guard.

The American embassy in the metropolis of Ankara in Turkey was shot dead Monday. There were no injuries, AP reported.

There were four or five shots from the next white car. The bullets hit the guard. The Turkish police went looking for the car.

The embassy is closed this week – during the Islamic religious holiday al-Adha.

Prisoner of the American pastor in Turkey

The ties between Ankara and Washington are tense as a result of the imprisonment of American Reverend Andrew Brunson accused of espionage and terrorism in Turkey. Brunson denies these accusations.

Washington considers his imprisonment as unacceptable and calls for his immediate release.

The US imposed financial sanctions on two Turkish ministers in early August. Later they doubled the import duties on Turkish steel and aluminum, although according to the White House this step is not related to Brunson's case.

Turkey has notified retaliation rights to imports of certain products from the USA.

As a result of the dispute, the value of the Turkish lira has dropped to an all-time low.

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