Invalid referendum is a success for the Macedonian Prime Minister economy

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called Sunday's referendum on the renaming of this post-Slav Republic to "Republic of Northern Macedonia" on Sunday evening in Skopje for success. He did this despite the fact that most citizens did not join the plebiscite.

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"The vast majority ", as he said without further details, voted for membership of the country in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) and the European Union (EU)." Now, "this wish should be realized in practice in the political activity of parliament ", Z. Zaeva quoted the DPA news agency.

The Prime Minister of the Macedonian government also advised that early parliamentary elections be held in Macedonia in the event of opposition. "We will continue to say this country and Macedonia will become a member of NATO and the EU", he added.

Zev Zaev apparently tries to vote in the legislature, but only 69 of the 120 MPs voted for an agreement with Greece to change the name of the country, with two-thirds of the support – at least 80 votes of the legislators.

The opposition is reluctant to reject the new name, which would damage the national identity of Macedonia.

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