Iran shows its new fighter of own production economy

Iran launched a new fighter plane on Tuesday. This happened at a time when tensions between Tehran and regional rivals in connection with conflicts in the Middle East increased.

The Kosar machine is home-made, capable of carrying various types of weapons and will be used for short air support missions, according to the Iranian press agency.

The television broadcast of the state brought a ceremony in Tehran, where a fighter flew in the presence of President Hasan Rhuhan. In the middle of the country the National Defense Industry Day is celebrated.

Reuters recalls that Iran sent weapons and thousands of soldiers to Syria in a seven-year civil war in support of President Bashar Assad. However, the Iranian Air Force is limited to only a few dozen attacking machines, either Russian or American, before the Iranian revolution of 1979.

Iran introduced a Cairo-313 domestic aircraft in 2013, but some experts questioned the quality of life in those days. In Iran, a large domestic defense industry developed, because the country was faced with international sanctions and embargoes that allowed the country to import many weapons.

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