Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salvini examines the hard treatment of migrants

Police investigate the minister for kidnapping, abuse of office and illegal detention.

The Italian Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Matte Salvini are investigating for his hard treatment of migrants. DPA said on Sunday.

The parquet in Sicily is investigating him and his boss's office for kidnapping, office abuse and illegal detention. This has to do with the detention of 177 migrants on a ship of the Italian coast guard, which docked in Catania on Monday. Several of them left the Diciotti ship, but allowed others to go out this weekend when Albania, Ireland and the Italian Catholic Church promised to accept migrants.

The legality of Salvini's steps has begun to investigate, because in Italy people can not limit freedom for more than 48 hours without the approval of the judge.

There was no judicial supervision in the Diciotti. Salvini prevented the migrant from climbing, but rather writing his wishes via Facebook.

Special tribunal

His case will be dealt with by a special tribunal in charge of the government's case. It must be set by a court in Palermo. Salvini will, however, apparently not come on the bank, because the parliamentary committee must first come from the immunity. He will probably protect his allies in the ruling coalition from prosecution, according to the DPA.

"They can investigate me, they can arrest me, but they can not stop the wish of 60 million Italians after the change," said Salvini on Saturday at a meeting with all Italians who supported him. "So they can investigate who they want, they can come to me, I'm ready, I'm waiting for them," he added.

On Sunday, he was arrested by another Italian politician who had problems with legislator Silvio Berlusconi. According to him, the minister is faced with absurd and badly accused accusations, and the prosecution is involved in a purely political issue, which should not interfere with it at all.

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