Ivan Korčok ends up as secretary of state

Ivan Korčok becomes ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Washington.

Ivan Korčok ends on 31 August as State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs (MZVaEZ) of the Slovak Republic. The government has decided on Wednesday. Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák (nominee Smeru-SD) introduced Frantisek Ruzicka, who led his team at the UN. However, the government has not yet taken a decision on this proposal, and has postponed it.

Korčok, who during his tenure as chairman of the 72nd UN General Assembly led the ministry as Miroslav Lajčak, becomes ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Washington. On Monday, he participated in a roundtable discussion on the occasion of the replacement of the American ambassador in the US, where he met the outgoing ambassador Petrom Kmecom. The diplomatic department informed it on its Facebook profile.

"As Slovak ambassador to the United States we will represent our Slovak interests, but at the same time I will also actively defend the interests of the European Union, because in the end I also protect the interests of the Slovak Republic as a full member of the European Community," said Korčok on this occasion.

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