Jean-Claude Juncker considers August 1968 to be one of the worst episodes of modern European history

BRATISLAVA, August 21 ( – The European Commission remembers 50 years ago that the Warsaw Treaty troops invaded the territory of Czechoslovakia and suppressed the Prague Spring.

Her president Jean-Claude Juncker recalled that fifty years ago the hopes and aspirations of Prague Spring were forcibly crushed in one of the most tragic and worst episodes of modern European history.

"Europe has not forgotten the tragic loss of life and gives away the courage and heroism of those who face the tanks and weapons in the face. Their inheritance is our responsibility – we must never forget their attempt to defend the most basic human rights and liberties"SITA informed Jan Cappelo, head of the press and political department of the representation of the European Commission in Slovakia.

"The path to freedom and prosperity is not always easy. The inhabitants of present-day Slovakia and the Czech Republic felt pained about the horrors of occupation, which began on August 21, 1968. The promising potential of spring in Prague – a period of democratization and reform – has never developed. Instead, they followed two decades of occupation that destroyed countless personal lives,"Said Vice-President of the European Commission for the Energy Union, Slovak Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič and reminded us that we must adhere to the August 1968 reference.

"Freedom can not be regarded as a matter of course. And without the freedom of speech, religion or association, there is no prosperity. Therefore, we must never tolerate violations of international law, and destroy the legitimate desire of people for freedom and democracy, "Added Šefčovič.

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