Johnson has criticized Theresa May

On Sunday-Sunday, British ex-minister Boris Johnson once again criticized Prime Minister Theresa May's policy on the departure of Britain from the European Union.

Her bruxist plan was compared to a suicide bomber, AP reported.

By his statements, Johnson was also outraged by the ranks of his own Conservative party led by Maya. Article by the former head of diplomacy, which the newspaper Mail posted on Sunday once again revived the speculation Johnson May wanted to replace, AP reported.

According to May's so-called "Draft Plan, Britain would remain in the EU free trade zone with respect to industrial and agricultural goods." According to stubborn hardwood brethies, including Johnson, this would mean that some sectors of the UK economy remain in line with the Brussels rules, and it is only because of this plan that Johnson left the May government in July.

The execution of the prime minister's plan would have given Britanie a humiliating position in which it would be The United Kingdom had to continue to comply with EU rules and, in any case, could not participate in its creation.

Johnson specifically mentioned disputes about the future status of Northern Ireland. If this British province has remained in a customs union with the EU to maintain the free movement of persons on the Irish island, it would amount to wrapping up a "suicide terrorist vest around the British constitution". The detonator would remain in the hands of the EU, Johnson wrote.

His reconciliation caused repulsive reactions from his conservative colleagues. Secretary of State for the British Department of Diplomacy, Alan Duncan, has named Johnson's statement "one of the most delicate moments of modern British politics". According to Duncan they should mark the "political goal of Boris Johnson".

The metaphor of the former minister also troubled the conservative representative Tom Tugendhat, a former British army officer who in his words witnessed a suicide attack in Afghanistan.

"The prime minister is not ridiculous here," said Tugendhat. Johnson should finally arrive in his words.

The former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is known for his controversial and eccentric remarks. For example, in August the faces of the Muslims were compared with & # 39; mailboxes & # 39 ;.

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