KDH has given up the leadership of Christian policy in the EU

For the Saturday KDH board in Prešov they played at least in the conservative media room two serious voicesthat the movement is reassessing its position on Anna Záborská's candidacy in the EP elections in May 2019.

Editor of the Journal Attitude Jozef Majchrak wrote:

"Anna Záborská, a politician who was visible in Brussels, had a strong agenda and a long-standing pro-life movement in Slovakia has a relatively large electoral fan club. If she can not stand before KDH, she can not just push her out of the party, but also consider herself for attending another candidate. For KDH there was not only a considerable weakening from the point of view of the European elections. And at the same time the threat.

A candidate without Záborská, with Ivan Štefancom, who strives to become his leader, would certainly have a weaker pressure among the potential voters of the KDH. Štefanec, a former SDKU member who agrees to registered partnerships and has recently supported a problematic resolution against Hungary in the European Parliament, will be more likely to deny conservative voters how to tempt them."

Karol Pastor, statistician, demographer and KDH member offered a very solid and logical analysis on the European elections in connection with KDH. Thus he concludes:

"If the KDH leader does not proliferate in a proliferative situation on candidates from other parties, the KDH can practically end up below 4% on higher participation. On the contrary, with the prominent and prominent proliferation at the forefront of the candidates, KDH – taking current preferences into account – could receive 8-10% of the votes cast. This should be considered a good result. That is why the KDH presidency, although it is not too late, asks the KDH Council to ask Anna Záborská to once again play the role of leader in the EP in the 2019 elections."

The KDH council seems unheard of. I will not take the details (I was present as a guest), but I assume that I have personally convinced myself that the leadership of the KDH, led by President Hlin, does not change his decision on this matter. Shame!

Anna Záborská is without any detail the prototype of Christian politics with an enormous merit, not only in Slovakia, but also throughout Europe. Obtaining such a name and influence is the result of an unremitting effort in the long term. In a colossus, such as the European Parliament with more than 700 members, this can not be achieved within a year or two or even in one voting period.

Mrs. Záborská has repeatedly proven her high credibility with her unrivaled results in the elections. In 2014 she won the same number of votes, which would be enough for two mandates (see the specific figures in Mr. Pastor's blog). Although (strong) candidates for strong Christian candidates were also candidates for OĽANO and NOVA. He has so much trust among the people because of his undeniable political and professional competence, the uncompromising defense of Christian values ​​and his solid character.

That is why I think it is a big mistake and a sign of both personal and political short-sightedness that prevents KDH's leadership, Anne Záborská, one of the most successful and most prestigious Christian politicians, from standing before his own movement, whose important member is – unlike most members of the Bureau – from the beginning. Such a position not only damages KDH itself, but more importantly, Christian policy at both national and European level. And there is no silence anymore. Loyalty to Christian politics and to Slovakia takes precedence over the loyalty of the party.

That is why I publicly express myself. Ever since I joined KDH, I have discreetly ignored the general public, although I fundamentally disagreed with the various views and standpoints of the KDH chairman. For example, I do not agree with maintaining the status quo on abortion or a strong defense of the voice of European Parliamentarian Štefanko against Hungary, our ally of V4 (by the way, Záborská, Mikolášik or Škripek, Hungary). I was also very dissatisfied with the fact that Bishop Chautur and many priests and proliferators have expressed their support for this law (and not the promoters) for ridiculing the bill on the limitation of abuses from the LSN workshop in line with the liberal media. On the other hand, I was hampered by his repeated silence about important questions of value, which gives the impression that Christianity is more likely to have Harabin, Cockroaches or SME FAMILIES than KDH. I regularly speak out about such matters, but I am not a member of the leadership and I am led to the unborn in parliament.

And it also hinders confrontations and insulting political opponents. I have a fundamentally different idea of ​​Christian politics. These differences are so great that I have repeatedly congratulated myself on not accepting my offer to stand before the KDH vice president or as a member of his office. And I just make sure that my the decision not to vote for KDH in the next parliamentary elections under the leadership of the current presidentthat I announced as soon as I entered the movement was absolutely correct. In order to clarify all these matters, I spoke openly to various members of the Bureau.

The rejection of Anna Záborská's candidacy is the most famous drop for me. In my case, I thought it was an absurd argument for generational change. That is why the credit of Anna Záborská is being dragged for a new generation. Eurovisions are specific because people not only choose party figures, but also personalities. So not "KDH" but "Záborská". In these elections with an extremely low turnout voters will not come because of new unknown faces or because of politicians who clearly do not represent Christian values. After the current MEP Miroslav Mikolášik announced his decision not to continue, KDH remains only EP member Ivan Štefanec, who has disappeared from the SDKU and is, for example, registered partnerships. In such a situation KDH should not hesitate to include Anna Záborská in the candidate. Quietly to the last places. Let the voters decide.

Referring to age is also not the happiest argument. President Donald Trump and his opposition candidate Hillary Clinton are older and I am not even talking about Pope Franz. The condition and mental condition are important. This is excellent with Anna Záborská. Perhaps it is also true that as a doctor it is good to evaluate your health.

In a situation where the movement still fluctuates around 5% of the border, I think that the decision not to allow Anne Záborská to be a candidate for the EP elections is a serious strategic error of the KDH leadership. It is up to me to confirm the trend that the leadership of Alojza Hlin has stepped down from leadership in value policy.

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