Kiskov's speech on the anniversary of the occupation: Why did Zeman not speak?

Unexpected rosary. The circular 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia has also disrupted the political waters.

The Slovak president Andrej Kiska (55) asked for a special performance with the appearance of an invasion of Warsaw troops in RTVS, but finally his speech was also heard by many Czechs. Milos Zeman (73) declined to comment on the anniversary. Kiska was so skeptical about the speech he had uploaded before he left for Spain.

Zeman, through his spokesman, told the Czech public that to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia on television without a speech or to participate in a memorial event. He defended his attitude by voicing his voice in the course of the occupation, and other words would now be useless. "For this attitude, he was fired from work, including from the University of Economics, so that speech is sufficient for thousands of purely formal and unstoppable speeches that will certainly be heard on August 21," said spokesman Jiri Ovaccek.

On the question of the Czech portal, what words did Zeman speak specifically in the year. 1968 defined against the occupation, Ovčáček has not given an answer. Zemans words from the past do not even recognize the historian from the Institute of Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences. "The reality is that Zeman was undoubtedly critical in the arrival of troops in 1968, but I am not aware of published statements," said Lubomír Kopeček, the author of the presidential biography.

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Zeman's decision not to speak has caused a storm of ecstasy among the Czechs and several requests to broadcast the speech of the Slovakian president were broadcast by Czech television. Kiskov's speech went almost simultaneously to RTVS and ČT24. However, Kiska did not mention the Czech Republic in its TV program. "The speech Andrej Kiska preached in Sliač at the commemoration of the departure of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia at a time when he was not aware of the interest of Czech television and other media before his broadcast, said Roman Krpelan. Media analyst Renáta Sedláková of Palacký University in Olomouc says CT only performs the functioning of the public media. "It is the expression of a foreign countryman who can be labeled as the closest," she said.

However, Kiska did not participate as Zeman on the anniversary of a memorial event. According to our information, the holiday in Spain and the invasion of troops of the Warsaw Pact have commented through social networks. "Our main task is to protect freedom and the ability to define our own future, without the fear that the decisions we make will be suppressed by brute force," he wrote to Twitters.

The flow of freedom has repressed the tanks

Peter Jašek, historian of the Institute for the Memory of the Nation

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– In 1968 it was an attempt to moderate the totalitarian regime that prevailed in the former Czechoslovakia. That year brought a flood of freedom. For one generation it is also linked to the hope for a better life in the most free terms, but it was brutally suppressed by the Warsaw Pact forces.

This shows Zeman & # 39; s perception of function

Miloš Gregor, political scientist at the Masaryk University in Brno

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– It is a rather unfortunate step because it shows how Milos Zeman perceives the execution of his presidential function. He does not regard the state speech as something that the president moves to society and reminds him of a historic milestone, he only uses it as something to tell what touches his heart. He has not said anything about this jubilee in recent years. The fact that CT broadcasts Kisku's speech is not entirely normal, on the other hand, I found the situation unusual just as we were able to divide peacefully. Nevertheless, in this case ČT comes to the Czech public and is the expression of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic.

It is a tribute to Slovakia

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Marián Leško, political commentator

– Such a birthday without the appearance of the head of state is something strange. The fact that the Czech Republic broadcasts Andrej Kiska's speech is a great honor for him and for us because he is clearly seen as a state runner, who has influence not only in his own country but also abroad. It also shows that Slovakia and the Czech Republic, even when they are separated, are close to each other, and those historical events connect us more and more when they share.

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