Lajčák: We fooled the Poles with the Vietnamese!

The kidnapping by the Vietnamese citizen Trinh Xuan Thanh from Germany, through Slovakian government specialists, is already under investigation by the competent authorities in Slovakia.

The case was also dealt with by a foreign parliamentary committee, whose ministry under Miroslav Lajčak (55) confirmed after a few weeks, that the official visit was related to the transport of the Minister of the Interior. Robert Kaliňák (47) did not fit into the plane.

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The first request to fly a government specialty with a Vietnamese delegation to Russia via Poland was delivered to Slovakia on 25 July 2017, the day before departure, by our neighbor. The Interior Ministry stated that the reason for the flight was "transport from the Minister for Homeland Security to Vietnam". On the second day the request was changed and they already called "the transport of the SR Ministerial with a delegation on a work trip to Russia". Kaliňák said from the beginning that he was not on board a special one. It now says that it was a ministerial flight that covers all flights when an unusual situation occurs.

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"So I quickly signed a government special in Tunisia for children from the folks ensemble after a terrorist attack, and also helped the secretary-general of the UN, who had to go to Paris in a short time." defends Kaliňák. Former Interior Minister Daniel Lipšic is against the fact that he also made several humanitarian flights. "But I did not say that I was on board," said Lipšic for Denník N.

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