Lennon had rejected the request for release

In the life of convicted murderer John Lennon, Mark David Chapman had rejected a request for conditional release from prison for the tenth time.

There will be at least two more years behind the bars, AP reported Friday. Meanwhile, 63 years old Chapman shot down John Lennon on December 8, 1980 for a residential building in New York, Manhattan, where the musician was.

Chapman, an imaginative Lennon admirer, admitted the murder, and although an expert judgment confirmed his mental illness, he was brought to life in 1981. For the first time, he could request a conditional release after 20 years.

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The offender on Wednesday, August 22, was conditionally on the State Commission of New York, which again rejected his application. The commissioners concluded that the release of the perpetrator of such a serious crime would be "incompatible with the guilt and security of society" and "undermine respect for the law". The text of the rejection decision was received by AP on Thursday. Members of the committee fear that Chapman might be injured or motivated after the release to commit a crime.

During the Wednesday session of the committee a demonstration took place at John Lennon's Memorial in New York Central Park, whose participants – including fans and politicians – called for the rejection of Chapman's request.

The murderer of Lennon may be back again to request a conditional release with two years, ie in August 2020. The punishment is served in the Wende Prison with the heaviest regime in western New York. Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, mainly opposes Chapman's dismissal claim.

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