London can offer the same rights to Europeans, even in brexite

Around 3.8 million EU citizens living on British soil retain access to the public health system and other social benefits. This should also apply in so-called "hard bruxism.

Brussels, 20 August (TASR) – Even if the UK leaves the EU without a political agreement, the citizens of other EU Member States living in Britain can still stay in the country without problems. The press agency of Belga said Monday, referring to a work proposal from the British government.

Belga warned that journalists from the British daily The Daily Telegraph had the opportunity to look at a British government document that says that approximately 3.8 million EU citizens living on British soil will retain access to the public health system and other social benefits. This should also apply in the so-called "hard breaches when British citizens lose the same rights in the other 27 EU countries.

According to The Daily Telegraph, unilateral concessions to London have to worry about possible exodus of foreign workers as a result of brewing. This outflow of employees would mainly affect the construction sector and the services sector. The daily newspaper warned daily that the government of Prime Minister Theresa Maya still refuses to respond to the publication of information about this proposal.

Negotiators of negotiations between the EU and Britain say that it is very likely that the United Kingdom will leave the EU on 29 March 2019 without a political agreement. The British Prime Minister Dominic Raab arrives in Brussels on Tuesday. The European Commission spokesperson in July, before the summer holidays, pointed out that negotiating teams would not fall under the summer vacation regime and would work intensively to reach agreement by the end of October on the regular exit from the Union of the United Kingdom.

The British government should publish the first of its 84 technical communications Thursday (23 August) to prepare the country for Brexit without agreeing with the rest of the EU. The first set of notifications and recommendations should relate to companies, citizens and government agencies. It should also include the offer that more than three million EU citizens currently residing in the UK can stay in the same country under the same conditions as in the case of unwanted brewing.

(rapporteur: TASR Jaromir Novak)

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