Maya says that Britain will not compromise

Theresa Maya has refused to compromise her plan for brexit.

British Prime Minister Theresa Maya said she would not compromise with Brussels about her plans for brexit. Her statement for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper came after a report that her rivals in the Conservative party are planning to publish her own motion calling for a clearer separation from the United Kingdom of the European Union.

The deadline for Great Britain and the EU to reach a Brexette agreement remains less than two months. May struggles with problems trying to convince her own party and the divided country of her plans.

The EU has previously welcomed the May plans, which have become known as the "Controls" plan, which is intended to protect cross-border trade. However, both parties are still waiting for difficult negotiations.

Maya: I'm clear

"I will not be tempted to compromise on proposals from the checkers that are not in our national interest," she wrote in Sunday Telegraph. "The coming months will be crucial in shaping the future of our country, and I am clear about my mission."

The aforementioned plan would leave Great Britain in the EU free trade area with regard to industrial and agricultural products. Some supporters of the brexit, however, said that this would mean that parts of the British economy would remain subject to the rules laid down in Brussels.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Brexie Minister David Davis resigned in July to protest against May's plan. According to them, they do not go far enough and betray millions of people who voted in the 2016 referendum to leave the Union.

Pressure from conservatives in May

The Sunday Times reported that top Brexists supporting conservative MPs will publish their own bruise plan prior to the party's annual party run beginning at the end of September.

The aim is to increase the pressure on Maya, who must have an agreement with Brussels in the British Parliament before the United Kingdom comes out of the EU on 29 March.

Maya has repeated that Britain will be willing to leave the Union, even without a deal, when both parties do not agree on the Brexit conditions.

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