McCain had called in the Americans farewell letter to overcome the division

McCain's nobility only spreads resistance all over the world.

28. Aug. 2018 o 6:17 TASR

PHOENIX. Convicted US Senator John McCain called on his fellow countrymen to postpone profound political differences in the aftermath of their countrymen's farewell letter.

"We are weakening our size when we confuse patriotism with clan rivalry," wrote the Republican McCain in a letter read in Phoenix Monday by former President of his presidential campaign, Rick Davis.

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Uncontrollable hostility

"Clan rivalry" in the US is often called the rivalry of two traditional parties – Republicans and Democrats.

McCain's irreconcilable hostility only spreads "resentment, hatred and violence" all over the world.

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The United States will be weaker "if we hide behind the walls instead of removing them if we doubt the strength of our ideals instead of believing them and see them as the greatest driving force of the changes that always have been ", he wrote. McCain.

He touched upon the policies of the current President Donald Trump, who promised in the election campaign to build a wall on the border with Mexico to stop drug and human smugglers.

McCain: Trust in the hopes and size of America

McCain also said in the letter that he had the honor of serving the United States for him. He admitted that he had made mistakes, but hoped his love for America outweighs them.

"Do not be afraid of the current problems, but always believe in the hopes and scope of America, because there's nothing in it, Americans never give up, never hide in history, we write history," McCain said at the end of his link.

Senator McCain suffered 81-year complications with regard to brain cancer on Saturday. He died on his farm in Arizona, surrounded by his family. She announced on Friday that she had decided to stop her treatment.

McCain, veteran of the Vietnam War, spent more than five years as a prisoner of war. The senator was six times in total and in 2008 he failed to oppose the presidential election against Democrat Barack Obama.

Doctors discovered a malignant brain tumor during surgery last July.

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