Merkel and Putin are already talking

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that they would speak at their evening meeting about the prospects for a UN peacekeeping mission overseeing the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

"We have to admit that we do not have a permanent ceasefire" Merkel told journalists after the arrival of Putin at the Meseberg castle in Berlin, where the summit was held. Putin hoped, according to the data protection authority, that the UN mission in Ukraine could restore peace in the conflict-affected region on the border with Russia. There is no "progress" at all to solve the situation in Donbass

<img id = "img-5b78933fdd596" class = "lazy_load" src = "" data -1024 = " 5 "data-1024×2 =" % 3D & h = A_AYCgyghbgH65o5hg97Vg & e = 2145916800 & v = 5 "title =" Nový francúzsky prezident rokoval s nemeckou kancelárkou. "Nový Čas" alt = "Merkel stressed in connection with Ukraine that he hoped to make progress in the efforts to resolve the conflict between the pro-Russian separatists and government units in the east of the country N Germany wants to see the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine with France Another topic of negotiations for both leaders will be the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, which criticized several EU and United Nations states. To derive this criticism, Germany asks that Ukraine continue to make profits for the transit of natural gas

Putin has not excluded the continuation of transit through Ukraine after the completion of the new gas pipeline. He stressed, however, that North Stream 2 is "a purely economic project" to cover the growing consumption of natural gas in Europe. "The important thing is that this transit through Ukraine, which has a tradition, meets economic demands," the DPA quoted him as saying.

An important point in the Saturday talks is the war in Syria. In this connection, Putin has called on Europe to help restore this country. "It is important to expand the humanitarian elements of the Syrian conflict, especially humanitarian aid to the Syrian people," said.

It is necessary to help the Syrian region, where refugees can be returned from abroad. It is not only their return from Europe, but also millions of Syria from the neighboring countries Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. "This is potentially a big burden for Europe," said Putin. Merkel said she and Putin would talk about the so-called "nuclear agreement with the world powers with Iran, from which the US resigned." Germany and Russia continue to support it, adding that human rights issues will not be avoided at the meeting [19659004]

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