More than 100 prisoners have fled from the Brazilian bass

At least 105 prisoners fled Friday morning from a detention center in the east of Brazil. The DPA said, referring to local media.

Thirty-three prisoners in Joao Pessoa were captured shortly after the escape. The prisoner was helped by the people outside who threw the entrance to the building. The goal was to free the four criminals who condemned them for robbing vehicles that carry cash and cashiers to the bank, the G1 news server reported. The fleeing prisoners shot a policeman in his head. He is in a serious condition.

Prisoners and runaway riots are common in Brazilian overcrowded prisons. There are more than 726,000 prisoners in it, but they are built for about half of them. The prison in the city of Joao Pessoa in Paraiba has a capacity of 654 convicts, but this number is 680, the DPA adds.

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